Knowledgeable, Experienced & Trustworthy

Suqutra is an independent financial services and wealth management firm that embraces technology and innovation to provide powerful resources and investment options to our clients by facilitating solutions to meet their financial goals. Our unbiased advice and few limits to our investment options enables us to provide the most customized planning process for our clients by providing education and professional guidance by our industry designated experts.


Our team has years of experience providing financial planning strategies to our clients; from cash management to estate planning, we work within our core values of honesty, excellence, modernization and teamwork to meet our clients financial objectives...Learn about our  Code of Ethics


Simplify, Teach and Determine the Right Strategy

We know not everyone has the same financial goals and objectives.  We review your information and get to know you; we figure out the most efficient strategies available to assist you in meeting your financial objectives, while keeping the concepts easily understood

Recommend Options Based on Your Objectives

There are many  options for financial planning and investment management available to you. We know strategies are not one size fits all and therefore we assess each client’s needs individually and make the best recommendation for application based on the information provided. 

Support You Through the Entire Process

Implementing financial planning concepts can sometimes be daunting to clients.  At Suqutra, we prepare you for what to expect during process so you are ready for the steps you will need to be involved.  We to work with the companies holding your assets and you to ensure the process is a smooth transition

Continue Service & Monitoring

Our service to you does not end at implementation.  We ensure you understand your strategy and the benefits it should provide to you.  Additionally, we work with you when it is time to monitor and review your progress.  Having a professional expert available to you not only at the time of purchase, but also when it is time to review is an important component; we at Suqutra provide these additional services to you

A culture based on integrity

Our consultants provide unbiased, independent and knowledgeable advice. Additionally, we help clients meet their life's financial goals and objectives. Our desire is to help you to not only grow your wealth, but also protect and preserve it.

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