Institutional Services

We service Corporations, Endowments, Foundations, Public Funds and Nonprofits.

Suqutra's Investment Adviser Representatives have been providing comprehensive investment management and consulting services since 2001. We are independent and work in an open architecture to ensure customized strategies that pose no conflict of interest and are aligned with our client's goals and objectives.

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Our Institutional Services Include:

Investment Policy Statement

  • We work collaboratively with the Board or Investment Committee to develop the Investment Policy Statement to provide both quantitative and qualitative guidance on the portfolio's formation and ongoing investment management strategies to ensure it's alignment and maintenance with the client's goals and objectives.  

Asset Allocation

  • Suqutra will identify and recommend an investment strategy that aligns with our client's investment portfolio statement.  Through our open architecture platform and collaborative team approach, we build diversified portfolios containing multiple asset class exposure pertinent to the specific situation.

Portfolio Reviews

  • Our team has regular meetings with the Board or Investment Committee to monitor and review the portfolio's short and long-term objectives, current investment allocation as well as the correlation  between portfolio performance based on the investment objectives and the current market update.  
A culture based on collaboration

We work closely with the Board or Investment Committee to ensure the strategies executed meet the investment objectives on the institution .


Suqutra Investments provides wealth planning and asset management services to clients of all ages and life stages. We use the latest technology to meet with our clients virtually to enhance their convenience.

Suqutra Investments and any associates have a duty to act solely in the best interests of our clients. We are entrusted with their funds and personal information, which in turn places a high standard on our conduct and integrity.