Portfolio Management

We service our clients with an open architecture environment to meet their portfolio management needs. We use a broad approach to investing with the philosophy and belief that the potential for reward should outweigh the risk entailed and we constantly search for creative ways to provide real, consistent results. Our strategies and services to clients include, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, separately managed accounts, both passive and active management, and a wide variety of alternative investment options and account types.

We consistently review the current global short and long-term economic environment to identify emerging opportunities to invest in. We believe understanding our clients’ goals, time horizon, and their risk tolerance gives us insight to their specific needs and aspirations. We assist them in creating an Investment Policy Statement to utilize as a guide for the types of investments most appropriate to meet their specific investment objectives.

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Financial Planning is an integral component to our portfolio management philosophy. Co-creating a comprehensive financial plan ensures we have gotten to know our clients and understand their goals and financial objectives to properly direct their portfolios into the right investments. Clients may be eligible for a complimentary plan or a discount, contingent upon the total size and complexity of their portfolio.


Decide Areas of Focus

  • Client Personal Dashboard
  • Insurance Review
  • Personal Financial Reports
  • Portfolio Review and Recommendations
  • Education and College Savings
  • Qualified Retirement Plan Review
  • For Assets less than $1 million

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Client Personal Dashboard
  • Retirement Savings and Withdrawals
  • Business planning
  • Coordinating Tax Planning
  • Philanthropic Strategies
  • Legacy & Estate Planning
  • For Personal Assets over $1 million

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Portfolio Advisory Services

  • Client Personal Dashboard
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Asset Allocation
  • Active Management of Investment Accounts
  • Portfolio Review and Recommendations
  • Household minimum of $500,000

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A culture based on collaboration

As planners, we coordinate strategies and work with our client’s team of other professionals; tax advisors, attorneys and business managers to ensure our clients have a cohesive financial strategy that encompasses all aspects of their financial life.


Suqutra Investments provides wealth planning and asset management services to clients of all ages and life stages. We use the latest technology to meet with our clients virtually to enhance their convenience.

Suqutra Investments and any associates have a duty to act solely in the best interests of our clients. We are entrusted with their funds and personal information, which in turn places a high standard on our conduct and integrity.